Seattle is Going Strong

 It’s been some time, but we finally have another update about hockey in Seattle! Seattle has proved once again that they’re ready for a hockey team. This time, they put their money where their mouth is. The Oak View Group, one of the driving forces behind getting an NHL franchise to Seattle, took the next step … Continue reading Seattle is Going Strong

What Does Women’s Hockey Mean to Me?

What does women’s hockey mean to me? I asked myself this loaded question before writing this. To me, women’s hockey is the ultimate example of part of the glass ceiling finally being broken. Something that is known as a “manly sport” isn’t just for men. Women, and even those who identify as something other than … Continue reading What Does Women’s Hockey Mean to Me?

The Media and Women’s Hockey

It’s no secret that everyone watched the women's Olympic gold medal game. This was one of the biggest games (if not the biggest game) of the entire Olympics. So why was the priority focus still on the men’s teams? Before you come at this and claim that I’m knocking down the men’s team, this is a … Continue reading The Media and Women’s Hockey

The NWHL is Coming to Minnesota!

Now that the trainwreck of the NHL All-Star weekend has passed, we can concentrate on more important things. Like the NWHL All-Star weekend! This is the second All-Star weekend in the league's history and it will be taking place in St. Paul, Minnesota at TRIA rink. New to this year, the NWHL have partnered with … Continue reading The NWHL is Coming to Minnesota!

Could Hockey Help Politics?

The whole world is a stage and in 2018 we’re just watching it play out. As sports fans, we’re just waiting for the next big thing to happen: The Olympics. This has been on everyone’s mind for a while. Not only are NHL players not allowed to partake in the games this year, but they’re … Continue reading Could Hockey Help Politics?

Rise of the Seattle Kraken?

As the designated hockey-in-Seattle person here at Puck It Up, we have another update! This time, a list of 39 domain names with 14 possible team names were registered and we have the details for you. Last week, Clark Rasmussen over at came across a list of domains that had been registered with the … Continue reading Rise of the Seattle Kraken?

Mental Health Night at Barclays

The Islanders held their first Do It For Daron night on January 5th, 2018 when they played against the Penguins. Put together by Luke Richardson after his daughter passed away from suicide in 2010, the night helped raise awareness and money for the movement.  While the Islanders might have lost on the ice, their help … Continue reading Mental Health Night at Barclays